Own A Franchise

Own A Franchise

Three Easy Steps to Franchise Ownership!

Apply For a Franchise

It only takes a few moments to fill out the application online, then review and sign the FDD.

Order Your Greenhouse

Our team will help ensure you have the right size and location.

Build and Grow

Build your greenhouse and start growing local fresh veggies!

At Got Produce we believe that franchising our fresh produce system, is the most cost-effective, consumer-focused way to grow and sell high quality produce. We offer three size options to best suit your needs and lifestyle.

We created the fresh produce concept because we understand that people today are concerned about where and how their food is grown. They are looking for fresh, flavorful, produce that is grown locally and good for the environment. We provide the first of its kind, fresh produce franchise system to create a better, fresher food system without stepping foot in the kitchen!

Our new franchise model, and patented technology makes it possible to grow multiple crops and operate a controlled environment growing center directly from a tablet or smartphone. Access custom fertilizer recipes, growing conditions, and assorted fresh produce options with the touch of a button. Got Produce provides a one-stop-shop for everything you need to get up and growing!

See our pricing page for more information on pricing.

  • Will it work in my climate? The controlled growing centers are designed to operate in many different regions. We work with you to combine the best crop mix and design for your location.
  • What does the investment include? Systems cost less than industrial size operations and come with everything ready to grow including seeds! Financing options may be available through preferred lenders. More information is available under franchise pricing.
  • How do I know what size is best for me? The controlled environment structures are connectable and in blocks of 6 which range about 23,000 square feet. Start small and expand as you grow with no additional franchise fee for your location. The Got Produce Team can help you choose the best size franchise option for your market and commitment.
  • How much training is required? Training takes place onsite once the structure and equipment is in place. Initial training takes about 4 days for you and your staff. The online portal and control system give you access to continued online training.
  • How can I earn money while being sustainable? Owning a Got Produce system will help you be harvesting in as little as 30 days for a quick ROI while contributing to the health and future of your community.

What people are saying!

I must say what you're doing is really spectacular, and the franchising aspect of it makes it that much more interesting.

I was really taken by your business concept and your purpose to help countries and communities to build a sustainable food supply for the future.

Such an innovative idea!

What an amazing concept to franchise!

What a great company. I love the concept!

About your hydroponic concept, it sounds like an exciting field; as the worlds' population multiplies, it's either got to Mars or "Got Produce"

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