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    Advanced Hydroponic Greenhouses

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Got Produce?®

 Advanced Hydroponic Greenhouses


Use Less Water

A head of lettuce takes 40 gallons of water when grown in soil, but only one gallon when grown hydroponically

Grow Better Produce, Faster
Greenhouses with advanced fertigation systems grow with a higher yield, all year round.

Grow Local and Eliminate Transport Costs
Transporting food can be costly while increasing the carbon footprint of our food.


Grow Local
Reduce the carbon footprint of food

LCF Certified Sustainable Food means it’s Low Carbon Footprint (LCF). Now you can grow fruits and vegetables where they will be consumed. Food doesn’t require long-haul shipping. 


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Sustainable Food for the Whole World

As the global population expands and water becomes scarce, the need for reliable food delivery systems has become a pressing issue throughout the world . Hydroponic greenhouses are an important part of the solution because they offer high yields, reliability, and allow food to be grown anywhere. Got Produce applies advanced technology and a franchise business model that ensures successful growing operations and sustainable food for the whole world.

By connecting greenhouses to the internet and controlling all growing variables remotely, Got Produce growers have technical help that guarantees success. Now everyone can grow fresh produce – and they can grow it anywhere! And, they can do it as a franchise, keeping a strong connection with the technical and marketing skills it takes to succeed in fresh food production.

Got Produce (GP) advance greenhouse reduce the amount of water, land, and energy required to grow fresh fruits and vegetables by using hydroponic methods in a distributed production model .  Our internet-controlled greenhouses grow tasty heirloom varieties without the use of herbicides and pesticides, increasing healthy benefits and eliminating nitrogen and pesticide runoff.

By growing on a franchise team, Got Produce franchise partners gain technical knowledge and marketing that allows them to grow food anywhere and succeed.

Why Franchise Fresh Produce?

Franchise fresh produce? Absolutely. Here’s why: Hydroponics are complex. To grow effectively, hydroponic greenhouses need experts – plant science experts. Got Produce botanists use networked technology that allows them to support franchise growers. The result is greenhouses that flourish.

Hydroponic growing systems have been around for a while. Why hasn’t the higher yield/lower cost equation resulted in hydroponic greenhouses sprouting up everywhere? The answer: It has! However, growth in the industry has, until now been regulated by the number of skilled hydroponic experts. The wrong set of variables, recipes, or other miscalculation, and growers can lose a crop.

The Got Produce? franchise model couples two critical components: internet-connected greenhouses ad hydroponic experts that result  in successful growing operations.


Got Produce Franchises Around the World

Internet-Connected Greenhouses
with iPad Control
Got Produce advanced control system use modular wireless sensors to make ‘smart’ decision in real time.  Many other systems gather data from sensors, but we have a new way of using the data to achieve greater results.

Over the past 15 years our experts have built a number of custom greenhouse in the United States.  Through that process we realized the need for ongoing grower and marketing support and have since opened our franchise division.  This  format  directly address grower needs, and offers introductions and access into the commercial and wholesale food marketplace.

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Be Part of a Franchise Team

teamOur franchise partners understand that working as a team, with shared knowledge, resources, and marketing, we can move faster, with lower cost and risk. It’s a collaborative model that works well for fresh food productionOur franchise partners understand that working as a team, with shared knowledge, resources, and marketing, we can move faster, with lower cost and risk. It’s a collaborative model that works well for fresh food production.[read m

Advanced Technology with iPad Control

ipadA smart system of sensors and computers, connected to an on-site computer and linked in the cloud, give Got Produce (GP) growers a highly automated and tightly controlled system. Precise calculations and growing recipes are created in GP patent pending control box, programmed with specific growing conditions, including water quality, nutrients, temperatures, and individual control over unique varieties growing in the same greenhouse. The dashboard for iPad gives precision control from any network-connected device.

More flavorful than store-bought varieties, without pesticides

3In the field, plants get many of their nutrients from the soil. In hydroponics, the nutrients are supplied via specially formulated mixes. Because there is no runoff, the plants absorb virtually all of the nutrients. Since the plants don’t come into contact with the soild there is also less opportunity for crop-destroying diseases and pests.Got Produce growers produce heirloom varieties picked at their peak. These nutritious , pathogen and pesticide free vegetables and more flavorful than store-bought varieties.

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