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We believe that growing fresh produce can be simple and rewarding. Many first time growers find it daunting to learn new technology and plant growth needs. Our systems are easy to use because they come pre-programmed for your specific location and crop selection.

Precise calculations and growing recipes are created in Got Produce patented technology. Simply select a crop and its automatically programmed with specific growing conditions for water quality, external temperatures, internal crop varieties and hydroponic pond temperatures.

Using the Got Produce? ® COS™ Control System

Touchscreen computer control interface which controls single or dual zone environmental parameters. This means you can grow many different veggies at the same time. The temperature and watering needs are programmed for your location and crop type that we help you select for your area. The central control system takes the guesswork from production by monitoring temperatures, light and other plant needs. It also has built in features to help you operate more smoothly with, automatic alarm e-mail’s, maintenance schedule reminders, graphing and historical data comparisons.

Easy to manage web interface works with any browser on virtually any device. Our Customized Got Produce web portal delivers quick access to online training, important announcements and support.

Training & Support

We understand that training is a huge key to a Franchisee's success.

Although this is a new concept, we made the basics simple and easy to use so that you feel comfortable in your new business.

We'll give you complete training on all things, from growing in the greenhouse to managing the business. Of course, we don't stop there.

We'll also back you up with ongoing support and access to our online portal filled with industry updates, videos and support topics. Your success is the world’s success!

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