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Franchisee Qualification Application

Thank you for your interest in a Got Produce?® Franchise! We are pleased you have chosen our hydroponic greenhouses for your business venture and are looking forward to working with you through the entire process. Please begin by filling out the following information to the best of your knowledge. Take your time. We will schedule a time to review the information with you to determine the best fit for your needs.

I. Contact - Please tell us about yourself. *

II. Goals - Please tell us about your goals. *

III. Financial resources - Explain how you will pay for the system. For example, “50% from personal funds, and 50% from a loan.” *


IV. Infrastructure resources - This will help determine what kind of system will work for you. For existing land owners, please provide details.

V. Climate conditions - For existing land owners, please let us know if there are any extreme temperatures, or high winds that may need to be considered.

VI. Other comments considerations. Use this space to tell us anything else that may be important.

What people are saying!

I must say what you're doing is really spectacular, and the franchising aspect of it makes it that much more interesting.

I was really taken by your business concept and your purpose to help countries and communities to build a sustainable food supply for the future.

Such an innovative idea!

What an amazing concept to franchise!

What a great company. I love the concept!

It sounds like an exciting field; as the worlds' population multiplies, it's either got to Mars or "Got Produce"

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