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To the Greenhouse Franchisee To the consumer
  • Systems cost less than traditional glass houses
  • Utilizes thermal properties of water to reduce heating and cooling costs, no algae formation
  • Multi-cropping increases yield and maximizes revenue
  • Works in many climates to grow all year
  • Easily scaled- start small and expand as you grow
  • Backed by top industry talent across the globe
  • Pesticide and herbicide free
  • Use of heirloom seeds - No GMO's
  • Less land and water used
  • Crops picked at the peak of ripeness are more nutritious
  • Constant supply and quality
  • More food grown and distributed locally
  • Less transport costs, lower carbon footprint
  • More convenient than ordering from multiple vendors

Grow a variety of plants at one time!

Seeds are selected by Got Produce experts specifically suited to a client’s water source nutritional analysis, local market demands, climate temperatures and day length at the location of the greenhouse. Seeds are selected from a list of tested varieties by GP chief growers and select breeders around the world to ensure disease resistance and adaptability. Most seeds are heirloom varieties although some are commercial varieties developed by breeders.

Got Produce uses only Non-GMO varieties and encourages use of local seeds in many regions around the world. Each seed variety has characteristics that require changes in watering, nutritional and plant maintenance activities.

Each of our three product models offer additional value for aspiring business owners.


  • Use Less Water: A head of lettuce takes 40 gallons of water when grown in soil, but only one gallon when grown hydroponically.

  • Grow Better Produce, Faster: Greenhouses with advanced fertigation systems grow with a higher yield, all year round.

  • Grow Local and Eliminate Transport Costs: Transporting food can be costly while increasing the carbon footprint of our food.

  • Grow Local: Reduce the carbon footprint of food. LCF Certified Sustainable Food means it’s Low Carbon Footprint (LCF).

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