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2016 - GP-100 Multi Span

GP-100 is a commercial 24 bay greenhouse designed for lettuce or mixed use production.


2016 - Greenhouse Automation

Automated planting and harvest equipment available for commercial lettuce production. Pulley system is used for planting and harvesting the floating lettuce rafts.


2016 - Single Bay Pond System

Single bay pond system in rigid polycarbonate or poly-film houses. Shown here from concept to working model using poly-film greenhouse in South Africa.



2015 - Vertical Rack System

Got Produce announces the launch of a cantiliver vertical racking system in greenhouse or existing building design. Above project has indoor dining facility with greenhouse production.

2014 - Uzbekistan

Got Produce launches into Eastern Europe with an invitation by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov to participate in the international conference “On Vital Reserves in the Realization of Food Program in Uzbekistan” at the Palace of Symposia in Tashkent.  Got Produce discussed plans to incorporate greenhouses as a solution for food security in the soil poor nation. Access to local manufacturing of floating rafts make the GP pond system simple to install.

2013 - Urban Dome System

 Geodesic dome greenhouse great for home or urban use. Be completely off grid with solar options!

2013 - Botswana, Africa

Got Produce opens new region with South African greenhouse patners. Arid regions in developing coutries benefit most from new technology to supply fresh produce year round.

2012 - International Expansion

Our international and regional clients depend on food sustainability and security. Educating agencies on the value of controlled agriculture is key. Picture below is founder Deb Walliser at the Czech Embassy with Robert Řehák Cultural Attaché (picture left) and California Congressman Sam Farr (Picture right).

2011 - Africa Area Development

Got Produce founder and CEO,Deborah Walliser, joined US Ambassador Marcia S. B. Bernicat and Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Director General of the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service, Suresh Kumar, in the first Obama Administration trade mission to Sub-Sahara Africa. Got Produce? signed its first franchise in Senegal. The greenhouse will be located in close proximity to major roadways outside of Dakar, and will have the option to expand production to accommodate demand up to fifty kilometers away.

2010 - Market Varieties

Greenhouses produce multiple varieties at once to satisfy growing market demand! Each of our greenhouses around the world can produce exactly what’s needed for top chefs and retailers!


2009 - Greenhouse Conversion

Conversion from traditional drip to controlled irrigation methods increased production in exisitng facilities.

2008 - GP-50 Multi Span Greenhouse

After successful production of lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes into the commercial markets, Got Produce expanded from 6 bays to 12 bays in corragated polycarbonate. Pond and vine crops systems can be used in designated bays.

2005 - GP-20 Multi Crop System

First commercial mixed crop system to withstand extreme temperatures in the Arizona desert: Lettuces, tomatoes, egggplant, basil, peppers, and watermelon were grown in the same space.

2003 - Teaching Greenhouse

Used by students and FFA members as a teaching and interactive class for greenhouse production of native plants.

2001 - Tree and Nursery Propagation

 Colorado River Indian Tribes, Parker Arizona. First ebb and flow systems for commercial vegetative propagation of native tree varities for Bureau of Reclamation projects.

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