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Our Vision

We are the first fresh produce franchise, growing hydroponic fresh produce!

Our Vision is for improved quality of life for people and the environment through judicious use of natural and finite resources.

We believe in preserving our natural resources by using hydroponic methods to grow superior quality produce in a fraction of the space, using a fraction of the resources for local communities.

We create solutions to alleviate the carbon footprint of agriculture by growing locally and reducing the amount of water consumed by the Agriculture industry by growing hydroponically.

We Revolutionize the production and distribution of fresh food by allowing produce to be grown locally close to consumers and food service outlets using new technology and old fashioned multi-cropping systems.

Countries and communities make decisions every day that affect their social and economic security. We provide the tools and technology for food security, and opportunities for trade and economic growth through our patented greenhouse systems and Global produce sales network.

In many areas, fresh food is imported because of the inability for that economy to produce all its needs year round. That affects trade relations, jobs, and access to food. It also means there is a money flowing out of the economy for fresh food. We reverse this trend by allowing food to be produced locally, keeping jobs and dollars there.

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