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Meet Four Emerging Players in the Services Niche

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Meet four emerging players in the services niche...

BY JEFFREY MCKINNEY | Published: 03.22.2017

Got Produce?

The concept: With six franchisees in Africa, Got Produce? Franchising has disrupted the global agricultural industry for six years using hydroponic greenhouses to grow produce. Now, the Beaverton, Oregon-based firm plans to begin selling franchises in the USA, says CEO and founder Deborah Walliser. Franchisees’ main clientele: Local grocery stores, chefs, restaurants and other food outlets. Each unit can grow four to 24 vine and leafy crops, including cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries. Walliser says the concept is ideal for existing business owners, multi-brand franchisees and entrepreneurs attracted to the fast-causal, fresh and healthy franchise segments.“There has been no way to ensure local, fresh, year-round production in a branded format until now,” she says.

The stats: Total investment ranges from $410,000 to $3 million, including land and franchise fees. As of February, franchises are in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Ghana, Tanzania and Senegal. Plans are to open 25 new units by 2019 globally. The brand will first target U.S. franchisees in Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Texas and Kentucky. Walliser added the brand is “continuing corporate discussions with brands like KFC, McDonald’s and Subway” to buy franchises for their own produce production.

The rivals: No one directly competes, but Walliser lists Nature’s Table and UFood Grill among competitors, saying they offer an alternative in the fresh food business but with a different model.

The challenges: The biggest challenge now for Got Produce? is creating a U.S. training facility for new franchisees.

About Got Produce?®:
Got Produce?® is a California-based company providing patented hydroponic greenhouse solutions to developing countries and communities worldwide. The disruptive agriculture solution boasts production levels far above traditional farming (when compared using the same square footage) while using only a fraction of the water. Got Produce?® was incorporated in 2011 and is run by hydroponic expert Deborah Walliser. For more information, please contact info(at)GotProduce(dot)us or visit

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