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Local Food Provider Got Produce? Announces the Start of Hydroponic Wine Grape Research Trials

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Got Produce?, a California-based company providing hydroponic greenhouse solutions to developing countries and communities worldwide, has announced its first research trial of hydroponic wine grapes. The grape varieties chosen...


Got Produce? has announced its first research trial of hydroponic wine grapes. “We have successfully grown a number of produce crops in our hydroponic greenhouse systems and now we are looking at solutions for other market areas,” explained Deborah Walliser, Got Produce CEO and hydroponic expert. The Pinot Noir varieties were donated from a local California winemaker who will be observing the trials.

Pinot Noir is considered one of the toughest grapes to grow, but the effort is often well worth the constant care and investment. It is a fickle grape that demands optimum growing conditions, opting for warm days consistently supported by cool evenings. Due to the stringent growing requirements for Pinot Noir, it is produced in much smaller quantities than other popular red wines. To add a few more components to the study and to see which types of grapes are most successful with this method of growing, they will also be researching both chardonnay and cabernet grape varieties as well.

Got Produce?® is hoping to offer a hydroponic solution that allows wine grapes to be grown with less water and resources, as California faces mounting pressure to reduce its agricultural water use. “Our goal is to find out if we can get higher yields from the vines while keeping them in production longer,” stated Walliser. While some growers shy away from new methods, Got Produce?® wants to overturn the stigma of hydroponics by producing great tasting products that are grown in naturally dissolved mineral water. Got produce?® is also running trials of hydroponic carrots and has pioneered the use of floating lettuce technology in its greenhouse systems in Arizona and Africa.

About Got Produce?®:
Got Produce?® is a California-based company providing patented hydroponic greenhouse solutions to developing countries and communities worldwide. The disruptive agriculture solution boasts production levels far above traditional farming (when compared using the same square footage) while using only a fraction of the water. Got Produce?® was incorporated in 2011 and is run by hydroponic expert Deborah Walliser. For more information, please contact info(at)GotProduce(dot)us or visit

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